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Why should I buy and eat local?

Perhaps you may be one of those people who believe in imported stuff, or even find that foreign exotic Italian dish sweeter than life itself. Well, that may be true to some extent. But why should you really buy and eat local? Differentiating between domestic and foreign products can be such a task especially if the country of origin is not indicated. Despite the identity challenges regarding the products in your local market, this article attempts to give you a reason or two why you try harder to buy and eat locally.

Reason # 1: Strengthens the local economy

According to a source, each and every dollar spent at a local independent business returns three times the donated amount as compared to spending on companies with longer chains. That’s a benefit we all can write home about.

Reason # 2: You can try it before buying

Many local retail stores allow you to try on or try out items before purchasing. Lack of this would probably have wasted your money on items you end up not liking.

Reason # 3: Reduced Taxes

There is less congestion on sewers, roads, and council services if local businesses have more central locations and more efficient land use. In other words, the greater the number of local businesses, the lower the tax rate is kept and vice versa.

Reason # 4: Jobs and opportunity creation

The local businesses creates employment to residents directly per dollar of revenue. Moreover, indirect beneficiaries include bookkeepers, auditors, printers, and farms. Local enterprises are dependable on each other.

Reason # 5: Gives back to the community

A research from this source shows that smaller local businesses tend to donate more to charitable organizations as compared to their bigger counterparts. The more you purchase from your local store, the more able they are to donate.

Reason # 6: Helps build residents’ wealth

Spending locally creates the multiplier effect which in turn improves the living standards of residents. More circulation of money translates into more wealth creation.

Reason # 7: Democracy is enhancement

Local business owners have been known to have a say on the state of affairs in the community. If more establishments existed, the contributions towards key development issues regarding the community would be diversified.

Reason # 8: Enhances variety

Having more businesses means more variety of products and services in the market. This may increase competitiveness in prices with consumers being the beneficiaries.

Reason # 9: Time-saving

Less travel means time is saved since the distance is relatively shorter. In the case of food, it stays fresher.

Reason # 10: Less garbage

Due to the shorter chain between producers and consumers, the packaging may be less complicated thereby reducing the littered waste. Fewer falloffs will also be encountered on the roads, seas, or railway lines during transportation.

In conclusion, the benefits of keeping it local are not just limited to the above. There may exist other countless reasons unique to some people or location. Whatever benefit you derive from local products, always support local as much as possible.