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How to Clean Your Oven the Eco-Friendly Way

Oven cleaning is not a chore that you should ignore for too long. When your meals start tasting like yesterday’s food, then you know what is wrong. The oven needs attention just like the house. And house cleaning is probably one of your daily chores. But you can’t do that with chemicals – not always anyway. You want less chemicals involved with your food, don’t you? So here are some eco-friendly methods of getting the oven clean:

#1 – Use boiling water

It’s actually quite simple to clean the oven sometimes. Instead of using any cleaners whatsoever, just pour boiling water at the bottom and close the oven, and then let all the dirt inside soften up. Scrub it away after a few minutes, rinse to see the results, and you are done. Repeat, if any of the dirt has left.

#2 – Use newspaper

This is a classic solution, but it requires some arm play. This will take a lot of scrubbing till you are done and you have to be quite thorough. But it does work, and if you have the patience and time to do it, then go for it.

#3 – Use ammonia

Another nifty way to do the oven cleaning is using ammonia. Soak a towel in ammonia, leave it inside the oven and leave it there overnight. All the harder grime will soften up and on the next day you will be able to clean it up no problem. You’ll have some smell issues later, but at least the oven will be clean!

#4 – Use lemon juice

Either lemon juice, or citric essential oils. Citric acid deals with grease easily and makes a bit easier, but the point to this is to actually do it after you are done with the main aspect of the cleaning process. Some lemon juice will refresh the oven and have it ready for use in no time.

The oven will be in excellent condition if you use any of the methods above. The other obvious options are using baking soda and vinegar, or just getting a green cleaning company to do it for you. But if you want to do it more creatively and do it yourself, pick your poison and start laboring. Your next meals want the best treatment.