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Change the Way You See Waste: the Worlds’ First Plantable Coffee Cups

Trash has become a huge problem in most parts of the world. The adverse effects of littered waste are a cause of the reduction in the aquatic population, blocked sewers, and air pollution among others. In a bid to enhance waste collection, one of California’s environmental conservation companies came up with the first ever coffee cups embedded with tree seeds. For the coffee lovers, this may not be such “yeeeaaah”, but a significant milestone to the environmentalists. The US-based Reduce.Reuse.Grow Company, took the world by surprise when they invented the first ever eco-friendly coffee cups

Change the Way You See Waste: the Worlds’ First Plantable Coffee Cups

The company plans to strategically locate the cups where the particular seeds in it natively belong. The whole essence of this is to ensure the coffee cup grows in your backyard or surrounding area.

Planting the coffee cup

TPlanting process is quite easy. Firstly, have the cup unraveled then soaked in water for about five minutes. Ensure you have your gloves on to avoid contaminating the seeds. After the five minutes, your soaked coffee is ready for planting.

The coffee cups benefits compared to other cups at a glance

Imagine how much coffee cups that are littered by your household alone, then multiply that by the number of houses in your street, then by the number of streets. The garbage recycling process for plastics is always the alternative solution. Ultimately, the recycled products end up losing a lot of fiber making them less efficient. With a certain huge percentage ending up in landfills, there is no doubt recycling can never completely solve the waste menace but only slow down the problem.

The plantable coffee cups were invented to address the issues that recycling and landfilling would never be able to accomplish. The cups came in as the best solution which could solve issues such as landscaping with a capability of taking six months before biodegrading; resulting into trees and flowers.

Here’s the math from the coffee cups; one cup germinates into at least one tree, capable of absorbing a ton of carbon dioxide over a period of 40 years. How much more wonderful can the environment get with more such trees?

The company is working on the way to introduce collection points for the cups in various targeted areas, so if you don’t want to plant your coffee cup, you could deposit it in the specified bin. At the same, non-coffee consumers can also collect the cups at the dumping point for planting.

The same process and product can be used to manufacture other eco-friendly items such as boxes, paper products, and containers. Such products can be used to help create more trees at the same time minimize waste.